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This website tells the story of shoe making in Stafford and Stone.  You can find out about shoes and the shoemaking process, the companies and people involved, and the legacy and traditions it has left behind. Using images, objects and other resources from the Staffordshire County Museum collections, this site has been developed to support the new ‘Shoe’ gallery at the Staffordshire County Museum at Shugborough.

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  1. Brent Rowell says:

    Dear Sirs:
    I am trying to find someone who might be able to identify a pair of early 20th century cast iron forms used in shoemaking which I believe were made in the UK. This is a matched pair of forms which weigh 12 kg each and have electric heating coils in their bases. The only markings appear to be a model number and size (7Left and 7Right). I would appreciate making contact with anyone who might be able to help identify these and explain their function.

    Thank you and
    Best regards,
    Brent Rowell, Ph.D.
    Adjunct Professor
    University of Kentucky

    • Amanda Rose says:

      Dear Mr Powell my father used to work at Lotus shoes and I have still got some of the forms used in the industry. If you can send me a photograph I may be able to help. My father used to hand cut the leather and I believe they used the heated forms to help fix the sole to the shoes. Although there are probably more informed people still living in Stone and Stafford. Regards Amanda

  2. Kim taylor says:

    While going through my late dads belongings I have found a book entitled “boot repairing machinery” it shows all it’s available at the time,it has also got a letter with it dated 6 march 1933.
    This letter has been hand signed but can’t make out the signature but does start with R.
    If any has any information on this a would be grateful if you could get in contact.

  3. Kim taylor says:

    P.s this book is by Keats & bexton ltd Albion works stafford.

  4. hollie clachan says:

    this website is great and i was extreamly impressed by it even though i am only 10

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