Timothy D. Francis, DC is a professional that is an expert in chiropractic care and also kinesiology. He is part of the College of Physicians, the American Academy of Pain Management, and is also connected directly to the British Institute of homeopathy. He currently has a practice by the name of Chiropractic Kinesiology, and spends part of his time teaching and running his practice. He is also well-known for the research he has done throughout his career. This is represented by over 30 published papers that have targeted interesting topics such as eye anatomy, organic chemistry, and homeopathy.

Dr Timothy Francis, DC has gone through an extensive amount of training which adds to his overall experience and understanding of these topics. At UNR in Reno, Nevada, he was able to obtain a BA, plus a doctorate from LA College of Chiropractic where he earned a Doctor of Chiropractic. From the University of Bridgeport, and also the British Institute of Homeopathy, he has earned an MS in bio nutrition and a Dr. of homeopathy, respectively. He is well known as a naturopath, primarily because of his association with the American Naturopathic Certification Board. Before doing all this, he was involved with the International College of Applied Kinesiology and subsequently taught at the LA College of Chiropractic as well.

Dr Timothy Francis

Dr. Timothy D. Francis uses holistic technologies when he treats his patients, and he is currently the owner of Chiropractic Kinesiology where he is able to convey the importance of holistic techniques and information. The patients that he has helped span the globe, which includes people in Mexico, Canada, Europe, and also the US. He has lectured on applied kinesiology, and has pioneered techniques related to muscle-organ-remedy correlation through homeopathy, for which he was able to earn the distinguished Alan Beardall Memorial Award. He has also earned a doctorate and diploma in homeopathy. In fact, he has done very well in treating varicose veins through homeopathic means. This is a circulatory issue that many people experience which leads to the stretching of their veins, as well as their appearance on the surface of the skin of those that have this affliction. Most of his clients are women, yet there are also men that will have this condition as a result of heredity.

Varicose veins are nothing more than veins that are breaking down, specifically the valves that are within your veins that are responsible for blood flow through the arteries. Lesions and ulcers can develop as varicose veins become more prominent. By using a more homeopathic approach, he can incorporate information about each person including personality traits, as well as look at them emotionally, chemically, and structurally to come up with a solution. Once the remedy has been decided upon, it will represent a full picture of the entire symptom complex. There are many people that utilize homeopathic solutions in order to achieve wellness, and this can differ greatly from modern medicine which is symptom focused instead.